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Anesthesia QCDR Solutions


Advanced reporting to gain insight into medical practices


Mobile or web-based data capture

Data Collection

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Data Analytics

Transfer QCDR data to to CMS

CMS Submission

QCDR One Stop Shopping

We provide everything you need to easily meet your PQRS requirements by reporting through a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR). Our mobile data collection systems have intelligence that makes data collection at the site of care easy. Our automated QCDR measure selection and online reporting systems give practice administrators the information they need to ensure that their organizations are on track to meet their PQRS requirements. We offer high quality solutions that are inexpensive and easy to use. If you are part of an anesthesia practice, and you need assistance with PQRS requirements, contact us….we have a solution for you.

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What we do

Data Collection Tools

Online Reporting

QCDR submission


IT Outsourcing

Our Mission

Simple and Cost Effective

Our mission is to provide everything anesthesia providers and practice administrators need for QCDR reporting as simply and as cost effectively as possible. We want to make your life easier.

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Anesthesia Solutions

PQRS reporting is difficult for anesthesia practices since they don’t have enough measures to meet their requirements without being subject to the PQRS Measure Applicability Validation (MAV) process. Unfortunately, the financial penalties associated with NOT meeting PQRS requirements are significant. Reporting through a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) allows your organization to meet its PQRS requirements without having to report standard PQRS measures. When combined with our simple and intelligent tools, providers and practice administrators can easily meet their PQRS requirements without the uncertainty of the MAV process.

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Which QCDR?

We connect to any QCDR

Insight provides premium database hosting and reporting services to the Anesthesia Business Group (ABG), an anesthesia specific, federally qualified Patient Safety Organization (PSO) which is also a CMS approved QCDR. We are able to connect your organization to this high quality QCDR or to any other QCDR that you choose.

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